Red Rum is the brainchild of Renaissance Faire veterans Captain Romeo the Red (Adam Fivush, plays 12-string guitar, banjitar, bodhran, songwriter), Rum (Andrea Fivush, plays autoharp, bodhran, concertina) and Scurvy Minstrel Teig (Tim Hoke, plays mandolin, guitar, fiddle, spoons, and anything not nailed down).

 These musical Folk Pirates for hire gallivant through pubs, clubs, private events, Renaissance Faires, Seasonal Festivals, Conventions and weddings.  To aid their way, Capt. the Red, ship's Minstrel Scurvy Tieg, and Gunner Lady Rum quickly devised a plan to earn enough gold by singing sailor folk tunes, traditional Irish, Scottish, Renaissance Faire  favorites and pub drinking songs to travel from port to port.  Needless to say, trouble is never far behind for this motley band of ragtag musical pirates.

       Always ready with a jolly comedy and song show about the High Seas, the Red Rum Pirate Band, with the help of their swashbuckling fans, spread Mayhem, Music and Nautical Mirth across the land.  

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